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Research-based professional development to support positive, goal-oriented relationships between early childhood educators and families.

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Our Most Important Teachers

The Engage Continuum is a professional development series that helps educators tap into the power of parents.

Parents are the most influential teachers in children’s lives. When they embrace that role, children have better lifelong educational outcomes.

Your program may be a parent's first interaction with the “education system.” It's important to show them they are not only welcome but valued as vital partners. Give them inspiration, practice, and confidence to teach and advocate for their children from this moment on.


Professional Development to Make a Difference

Research shows that one-shot PD sessions are not as effective as PD that is relationship-based, reflective, and extended over a period of time. That’s why we have designed a full suite of services for your program:

  • Individualized coaching
  • Group training sessions that offer practical ways to start improving parent engagement TODAY
  • Helpful implementation tools

There is no cost to Arkansas licensed child care programs.

The series is paid for by the Arkansas Division of Child Care & Early Childhood Education.

Participants receive PDR credits.


Long-Term Benefits

When we engage families now,
Our jobs get easier.
Families feel supported.
Children have better educational outcomes for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!

ENGAGE Continuum Progression

Agencies and centers are invited to become Partner Programs that complete the full Engage Continuum over a period of 6-7 months. Engage partner programs are encouraged to complete 10 steps.

Click on a Step to Learn More About Them.

Advanced Family Engagement

Groups that complete the 10-step Continuum may be ready to take family engagement to the next level through one or both of these trainings and their accompanying tools.

The Family Map

Family Map

UAMS RED offers training and access to the Family Map Inventories.

These are structured face-to-face interviews that staff conduct with families enrolled in your program.

The interviews identify strengths and risks at home in a respectful way and and help staff and parents partner to set concrete goals to support each child’s development.

Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families is a 6-hour training for program directors.

First, we share information about the Strengthening Families framework and strategies. Then we guide directors through a self-assessment tool and help them create practical action plans.

Work done in this training helps programs meet Arkansas Better Beginnings standards.

Alternative Approach

Note that UAMS RED is recruiting agencies or centers willing to participate in the full 10-Step Continuum. If you are a family child care home provider or an educator whose center is unable to participate in all 10 steps, we encourage you to participate in single Engage trainings offered by other PD partners. You will gain valuable knowledge about strengthening your family partnerships.

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