Professional Developmment for
Early Childhood Educators

We offer research-based professional development to support positive, goal-oriented relationships between program staff and families


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Our Services

Engage Partnerships

The Engage Continuum is a series of professional development sessions designed to promote positive, goal oriented relationships between early childhood educators and families. Agencies and Programs are invited to partner with us to experience the entire series of classes. The benefits of becoming an Engage Partner include:

  • Agency Consultation (Before and After Training)

  • Pre-Training Agency Support

  • Training Scheduled to Meet Your Agency Needs

  • Monthly Peer Learning Meetings

  • Follow-up Support

Become a Partner Get Started!

Become an Engage Partner or simply start with the first two Foundational Classes to begin your journey. Contact us and we will schedule a class or connect you to one in your area. Classes in the Engage Continuum include:

  • Educators: Family Engagement Foundations

  • Programs: Family Engagement Foundations

  • Communication I

  • Communication II

  • Partnership I

  • Partnership II

  • Culture

Tools And Curricula for All Program Levels

Our Professional Development framework consists of established, research-based tools and curricula already accepted in the Early Childhood Education field.

  • The Family Map Inventories

  • Teaching Important Parenting Skills (TIPS)

  • The Arkansas Guide for Promoting Family Engagement

  • Strengthening Families

  • Head Start Family and Community Engagement Framework

  • ADE Family and Community Engagement Coalition (FACE) Framework


About Us

Our Mission:

  • To Improve child development by supporting positive, goal-oriented relationships between Early Childhood Educators and Families

We Do This By:

  • Collaborating with Arkansas professionals to support a continuum of relationship-based competencies that engage families in productive partnerships
  • Providing high-quality training linked with technical assistance to encourage:
  • Positive, goal-oriented, and culturally responsive relationships
  • Respect for parents, who are the first teachers and lifelong educators of their children
  • Supportive networks, connections, and community resources for families.

  • Providing tools to support and encourage positive, goal-oriented relationships. These tools help educators work with– not for– families

Engage Partner Program Sessions

"Offered In-person and Online"


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Ready to start the Engage Partnership journey?

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