The ENGAGE Mission

Improve child development by supporting positive, goal-oriented relationships between early childhood educators and families.

We Do This By

Providing high-quality training linked with technical assistance to encourage:

  • Positive, goal-oriented, culturally responsive relationships.
  • Respect for parents who are the first and lifelong educators of their children.
  • Supportive networks, connections, and community resources for families.
  • Use of tools to support and encourage relationships. These tools help educators work with—not for—families.

Brought to You by UAMS DFPM RED

Whew! That alphabet soup sums up an even longer name: the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Department of Family and Preventive Medicine Research and Evaluation Division.

A long name is appropriate because our team is involved in a wide variety of activities to benefit families in Arkansas and throughout the country.

Brought to you by uams

RED's work includes

  • Research on family and environmental factors linked to family health and children’s growth and psychological development.
  • Collaboration with community partners to develop, deliver, and evaluate interventions that support children and families.
  • Training and coaching community partners using a research-based curriculum.
Red's Work Includes

RED's team includes

Social workers
Data collectors
Instructional designers
And other talented professionals

Reds Team Includes

For more information about our research and interventions

Visit the UAMS RED Site


Psychiatric Research Institute

UAMS' Department of Family and Preventive Medicine Research and Evaluation Division (DFPM RED) focuses on family and environmental factors linked with poor health, growth, and psychological development. We conduct research to test theoretical models, collaborate with community partners to implement and evaluate interventions, train on research-based curriculum, and translate those models into community settings.

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